School Facilities

Learning Centre

Our recently renovated school learning centre offers students and teachers a new area to work in. Offering a number of designated learning areas, the learning centre has a wide variety of books catering for a range of reading abilities and interests. Children attend weekly library borrowing sessions with their teacher. To encourage borrowing, the library is open in the morning. Children are also able to access computers in the library for research activities, as well as utilise other technology inputs including a television and an interactive whiteboard.


Playground Equipment

Children of all years have access to our extensive collection of playground equipment, as well as our large oval areas and asphalt courts. With no year level boundaries, Henley Beach Primary allows interaction between students of all year levels, allowing students to actively engage, support, and care for one another during play. The range of facilities, which has been designed to cater for all children including students with disability, provides many opportunities for climbing and balancing as well as imaginative play.


School Canteen

The school canteen serves a range of healthy, low fat, low salt and low sugar items. The Canteen is open Monday - Friday for recess and lunch. Lunch orders are collected in class during the morning routines and brought to the front office by selected students in their classroom. Occasionally, Special lunches are offered and advertised ahead of time in the school newsletter.


R - 2 Special Small Class

Henley Beach Primary School offers a special small class for children R - 2 who have an intellectual disability. The children have the opportunity to mix with their peers in mainstream classes as well as access their own individual learning programs. Our special small class has recently been renovated and offers students their own enclosed play area, computer pool, kitchenette, and sensory room, as well as being equipped with an interactive whiteboard and television.


Sports Facilities

Our Large school ovals provide our students with an excellent area to participate in a variety of ball games and free play activities. Beyond the school ovals, we also have a variety of different asphalt areas, including two netball courts, one basketball court, and a multiple handball courts. Finally, we have our school gym with soft impact flooring which accomodates a full size basketball court, and also provides room for multiple volleyball, badminton courts too. Our gym is also equipped with a state of the art wireless speaker / microphone system.



All students have access to weekly computer lessons with their teacher. Our well-equipped designated computer lab has networked computers, internet access, Apple TV and an interactive whiteboard. All classrooms throughout the school have an interavtive whiteboard installed which each teacher utilises in their teaching. Our school is continuing to invest in current technologies, with sets of classroom laptops being implemented into our upper primary year levels, and tablet devices being trialed throughout the younger year levels.Our I.T infrastructure continues to grow in order to accomodate the evergrowing technology trend.


Vegetable Garden

Our vegetable garden offers students the opertunity partake in learning about the cycle of food production and how it plays a vital role in their over-all wellbeing, inspiring them to get outside and be involved. The schools grub club volunteers provide students of all ages access to a range of special projects and activities that allow them to partake in outdoor activities, such as planting new plants, maintaing their classroom patch, etc.