At Henley Beach Primary School we celebrate and value a strong sense of community in which Parents, Teachers and Students work together to explore many aspects of learning and aim to foster a high level of enquiry and social conscience.


To give every child the best opportunities for success now and in the future there is a comprehensive curriculum offering that strives for, and achieves, high individual standards.


These programs emphasise the development of all aspects of the whole child overing their Emotional, Academic, Physical and Spiritual/Social wellbeing. The whole culture of the school has its foundation in strong values. Through significant consultation with the whole school community our core values have been identified as:




We work closely with parents and immediate families to know and understand each individualto best cater for and support his or her learning journey. As the school is but one part of thechild’s whole learning experience parents and community are invited to participate in variousaspects of the school to enrich the overall experiences of everyone. A vision statementhas been developed for the school and endorsed by the community that captures the essenceof our approach to learning.


Henley Beach Primary School aims to be a healthy and collaborative community of learners in which all members are encouraged and supported to live the values of care, respect, safety and doing your best.


The school strives to have an inspiring curriculum, which promotes the learning of life skills and responsibility for one’s own learning and behaviour.


Staff at the school regularly share their own passion for learning with the children modelling the concepts of Life Long Learning and the wonderful enjoyment that comes from it. A clear set of strategic directions has been set out for the school and is outlined in detail in the Site Learning Plans. The core areas are:


High Performing Curriculum. Focusing on...

  • Continual improvement of literacy and numeracy skills in all students across all curriculum areas

  • Science programs R-7


Student, Staff & Community Wellness. Focusing on...

  • Quality teaching and learning

  • Emotional wellness

  • Site safety for all

  • Student Voice


Facilities Development. Focusing on...

  • Creating an appropriate learning and community environment

  • Efficient use of the current physical environment


We extend an invitation to all those currently involved with the school to come and chat with staff and participate in their child’s learning as much as they are able. For those new to the area or considering joining our school community I would be happy to take you on a tour of our beautiful facilities and discuss your child’s individual needs.Hoping to share our learning and care with you.



Shane Misso


Children Are Our Focus

As we recognise that home, community, relationships and self-concept all influence learning we value and consider the beliefs and opinions of the total school community. We will foster school community participation in decision making and involvement in learning.

Henley Beach Primary School has a long and proud history, originally opening in 1924...