Fast Forword


Fast ForWord has been run at Henley Beach since 2013. The program was created by neuroscientists, is based on 30 years of brain research and has hundreds of research papers supporting its efficacy.


Fast ForWord is a cognitive training program that improves core skills needed for learning in every subject, such as auditory processing, working memory, attention, sequencing, reading and language. Because adapts to each student’s strengths and weaknesses, it is suitable for a large number of students including those with diagnosed learning difficulties, those performing within the average range and also gifted students.


The course duration is two terms (20 weeks), five days per week. Each student works at their own computer and each student’s program adapts especially for them. A Fast ForWord coordinator supervises the students, reviews their results online and provides them with assistance when they need it. You can watch a demonstration video of the program in action on the Sonic Learning website.



Our Fast ForWord Coordinator


Michelle Stratton is the coordinator of Fast ForWord at Henley Beach. She a qualified teacher, Child, Youth and Family Health nurse and counsellor and has over 10 years teaching experience at school and university levels. 


She comments: “As the facilitator of the Fast ForWord program for the past two years, I’ve had the opportunity to see many of the students increase in their confidence as they’ve progressed through their personalised program. It was always exciting to hear students call out ‘I’ve beaten my highest score’ and see a big smile appear upon their face and the faces of their classmates. Highlights include seeing all the students join together to play the Sonic Olympics and work as a team to achieve enough points for everyone to win a prize.  In terms of ‘the ugly’ – getting ourselves to school by 8am during windy, rainy and hailing days during winter would rate highly!”


Parent & Student Feedback


We’ve received excellent feedback from the parents and students involved in Fast ForWord:


  • “The program is great!  I’ve seen a big improvement in my son’s academic progress this year. The change has been really positive”.

  • “My son loved Fast ForWord and I really liked being able to see where he sat academically on a wide range of academic norms”.

  • “Fast ForWord was fun. I really liked the Polar Planet game, that was my favourite!”


How To Enrol


Henley Beach is proud to be able to offer the Fast ForWord program to students at a highly discounted rate. If you’d like to enrol your child in Fast ForWord, please speak with Shane Misso, the school Principal.