Role Statement:
  • Committee members will work alongside S.E.C. (Student Executive Committee)/House Captains and the broader school community to provide a collaborative and democratic approach towards achieving whole school improvement

Application Criteria:
  • Each Foundation to Year 2 class selects four representatives (2 male, 2 female) to be part of the F-2 Student Action Team through a teacher-directed ballot system.

  • Nominated students take turns in pairs each fortnight to attend scheduled meetings

  • Nominations are to be conducted each term in order to allow for greater student participation

Student Requirements and Expectations:
  • Attend Team Meetings

  • The F-2 Student Action Team meets on Wednesdays at 12:30pm (30 Minutes) during Weeks 2, 4, 6 & 8 each term (with extra meetings scheduled by negotiation) to discuss issues relevant to the junior school. This meeting is run through the governance of the school coordinator and elected students (House Captains)

  • F-2 Student Action Team roles may include:

  • Promoting safe play in the school yard

  • Checking sports equipment for classes

  • Encouraging classes to care for the school environment: National Tree Day

  • Assisting in the school library by shelving books

  • Learning new games and teaching them to other classmates

  • Promoting recycling

  • Reviewing the school values and student driven events e.g. Discos & Fun Runs

  • It is the duty of the House Captains to support F-2 Student Action Team representatives to seek input from their class members and to report back following class meetings

  • Agenda items will be collected each Monday of the scheduled meeting week by senior students