Important Information Regarding Enrolment In 2020

Henley Beach Primary is close to capacity in the following year levels for the 2020 school year and enrolment spaces are extremely limited. Interested families must submit a Registration of Interest. (verified by the Education Director). 

Minimal space(s) exist in all other year levels

In-zone families will be supported to access potential available spaces at neighbouring schools depending on availability. Registrations of interest for 2020 / 2021 from in-zone families can be submitted by contacting the school administration on 8356-2117.


If a place becomes available during the year families will be contacted and offered a place and an option to transfer from their current school.  A declined offer will result in removal from the waiting list.  Please note offers will be made for individuals and do not constitute an offer for the whole family.

Henley Beach Enrolment Policy

Henley Beach Primary School is officially a Department for Education Zoned School. Priority access is provided for students living within the strictly defined zone as long as spaces are available in the year level. Enrolments will not be approved if the class numbers are at capacity. A zone is a geographically defined area surrounding the school from which the school accepts its core intake of students. Our school operates within the following school zone:

Area bounded by Gulf of St Vincent to Henley Beach Road (Southern side only) , Chippendale Avenue/River Torrens (Eastern), River Torrens Linear park (northern side)

A school Zone Map is available below and also via the Department for Education Website


Interested families are invited to place a Registration of Interest for current or future years placement. All registrations will require proof of the primary residence of the child, with a copy of the following:
  • A gas or electricity bill stating the new residential address (not a business address) and the name of the parent/guardian. The utility bill should be recent. Telstra and Water Rates bills are not acceptable as parents may receive these invoices for additional rental properties or businesses that they may own.

  • A copy of the property’s Contract of Sale (if the home is the permanent residence) or

  • If the parent/guardian is renting, a rental agreement and bond receipt (from the Residential Tenancies Tribunal) stating where the parent/guardian is currently, and will be, residing for a minimum of 12 months after proposed student commencement.

  • If the student resides with a relative/friend, supporting documentation stating that the relative/friend is the legal guardian of the student must be provided. This documentation should include a Parenting Order from the Family Court which states that the relative/friend is the full-time guardian of the child. Statutory Declarations are not considered to be sufficient documentation in this regard.

Any of this information may be called upon again prior to any commencement, to confirm details.

If successful in the current year, a letter confirming this and an enrolment form will be provided to the family for completion. 

Enrolment applications for 2021 and beyond - All enrolment applications need to be submitted by the end of June in the year prior to commencement and will be acknowledged by email/letter at the time of receipt. Round One Offers of Enrolment will be communicated at the beginning of August. Round 2 offers will be communicated at the beginning of September pending spaces are available.  

Applications for enrolment during the school year will be considered in a timelier manner against the same criteria listed above, once all required information is provided.  The school enrolment officer will be able to advise if you meet the criteria for enrolment.  If there are special circumstances for consideration these must be supplied in writing with any appropriate support material.  Please note friendships and family convenience are not viable criteria for an out of zone enrolment offer. Submission of an enrolment form for new or continuing students is not a guarantee of a placement.

For non-local siblings applying through the registration of interest process, applications will only be considered if the older sibling will be enrolled and attend in the same calendar year.

Returning non-local students must return within 6 months to reactivate enrolment.

All supporting information is available on the school website for viewing. Hard copies of the Parent Handbook can be provided on request.

The First Same Day Policy:

For children commencing school for the first time: Children turning 5 on or before 30th April are able to commence in January that year. Those whose birthday is on 1st May or later will commence in January the following year. The transition program is organised between the school and local kindergartens / childcare centres during the 4th term prior to starting school. Five year olds are dismissed at the normal time of 3:15 pm unless the parents and teacher feel the time needs to be modified. Children transferring from another school during term time will begin within two days of enrolment depending on the outcome of an enrolment interview.

Principal Tour

29 May - Cancelled due to COVID-19

21 August

13 November

Commencing at 9.15am and
concluding by 10.30am

Please contact the school to register and meet in the learning centre adjacent to the Hazel Terrace entrance gate