Please download School Star Via The App Store On Your iOS Or Android Device

School Star App

Henley Beach PS is pleased to announce an upgrade to our school communication services to include a free smartphone app – School Star. School news, alerts, newsletters, event invitations, notices and general messages will now be sent through School Star which shows everything in an easy to see Facebook-styled news feed.


School Star uses Secure, 2-Factor User authentication. To use, parents need to enter their name and other details, and if there’s a match on your existing school database, School Star will SMS a security PIN for Parents to enter to complete their registration. Only then will parents and friends have access to your school information.

For families that have the App installed, text messages from the school regarding student absences for example will now be sent through the App and not your normal 'phone messaging' service. Please ensure notifications for School Star are kept on so that you are alerted when messages are sent through. For those who do not have the App install yet, messages from the school will still be delivered as normal.  

School Star is a wonderful service that will enhance our schools communication with our parent community and we hope you enjoy using it.