Welcome To Henley Beach Primary School

At Henley Beach Primary School we celebrate and value a strong sense of community in which Parents, Teachers and Students work together to explore many aspects of learning and aim to foster a high level of enquiry and social conscience.


Year 7 to 8 Transition forms due 22 May


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Henley Beach Primary is close to capacity in the following year levels for the 2020 school year and enrolment spaces are extremely limited. Interested families must submit a Registration of Interest. (verified by the Education Director). 

Minimal space(s) exist in all other year levels

In-zone families will be supported to access potential available spaces at neighbouring schools depending on availability. Registrations of interest for 2020 / 2021 from in-zone families can be submitted by contacting the school administration on 8356-2117.


If a place becomes available during the year families will be contacted and offered a place and an option to transfer from their current school.  A declined offer will result in removal from the waiting list.  Please note offers will be made for individuals and do not constitute an offer for the whole family.